Biomass densification: A review of the market and recent R&D trends


Renewable Energy

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Hernández-Solórzano, L. C., Forero-Nuñez, C. A., & Sierra-Vargas, F. E. (2017). Biomass densification: A review of the market and recent R&D trends. TECCIENCIA, 12(23), 81–92. Retrieved from http://revistas.ecci.edu.co/index.php/TECCIENCIA/article/view/367


The steady increase in the world energy demand and the objectives defined in the COP21 to decrease the GHG´s emission have been the fundamentals of the development of energy industries that harness renewable resources. Biomass pellets have become into valuable alternatives due to their physic-chemical characteristics and their multiple advantages over traditional wood.  This document aims to review the performance of the international pellets market focusing on the main producers and consumers, the wood pellets prices, and the major trends about R&D. The European Union is the most remarkable biomass pellets market growing more than 94% the last decade with wood pellets prices in the 200-250 €/ton range and an even higher necessity of imports from non-UE countries. Research is mainly focusing on four significant areas such as pellets characteristics, new raw materials, market analysis and pellets combustion performance. Understanding these trends of R&D and the performance of the pellets market could support the development of the pellets Colombian industry which is nonexistent right now.


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